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Why do so many people choose our translation services?


We have worked with numerous companies and individuals from Russia, UK, USA, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and many other countries. Meeting the needs of our clients, fulfilling their wishes and keeping them happy both with the quality and prices of our language translations have always been our main objectives. After over 10 years in the translation business, we are proud to say that we haven't had a single unhappy client since 2004!

What our clients say about our translation and transcription services

"Thank you for the translation. Your service was quick, professional, and affordable. I will definitely contact you again if I need Russian translation services."
Benjamin Schuetze (Spain)

"TThe translation looks great, and I really appreciate the work you did with it. It's exactly what I needed."
Jenny Krichevsky (USA)

"Many thanks for the translation! We were impressed with the speed and the quality of English to Russian translation of our website. It helped us boost our sales in Russia!"
Saeed Sager (Saudi Consultant, Saudi Arabia)

"I would like to thank you for your associate's translation of Kornei Chukovsky's delightful children's poems Fedorino Gore and Tarakanishche, which I received on September 27th. I would like to inform you that thanks to your English translation, I have now successfully made a rhymed Norwegian translation of both, which my Russian wife and my bilingual 3 1/2 year old son both loved."
Hallvard Theodor Skullerud (Norway)

"I want to thank you for providing the document as promised in the early hours of the morning. OUTSTANDING SERVICE!!!! I would also like to add that we are extremely impressed with the professionalism, turn around time, and quality of the document provided and have pleasure in advising that we shall be using your company going forward for all of our future Russian transcript requirements. Thank you very much once again for all of your assistance and support for this request and I look forward to both of our firms working together in the future."
Bhavesh Jotangia (ACT Conferencing, UK)

"Great quality and really good value, can highly recommend!"
A. Stoorvogel (The Netherlands)

"AMlingua's translators have done a great job. The translation to Russian has been carried out to an extremely high standard."
Andrei Zacharov (Russia)

"Amazing service at a reasonable price, available - if it is necessary - even on December 31st. And the best part of it is that you get a fully professional translation in extremely good sounding Russian."
Gergana Todorova (Bulgaria)

"Much appreciate the fantastic service. Prompt, efficient and at an amazing value"
Anthony L.

"Thank you very much! We appreciate the fast work and turn around. We will absolutely contact you in coming years for assistance with these reports!"
Julie Phillips (USA)

"I appreciate your services very much and I was very pleased with the translation! Thank you!"
Eric Pacheco (Canada)

"Thanks so much for your excellent work on the project. And, thank you especially for making the effort to meet my short deadline. You have solved a major problem for me. Outstanding!"
Robert L. Pallone (Franklin College, Switzerland)

"Thank you very much for your wonderful job. It looks really well!"
Svetlana Zachek (White Knight Printing and Publishing LLC, USA)

"The quality of the transcriptions is fantastic you very helpfully captured the speakers slipping from Russian to English and back again to Russian, and you were able to hear words I wasnt quite able to make out in the audio. The skillful transcription makes me that much more happy that I decide to seek out your service instead of going elsewhere or trying to do it myself. Thank you you are giving my dissertation research timeline an enormous leg up."
Jenny Krichevsky (USA)

"Thank you so much for your flexibility, efficiency and superior service, very impressive! I look forward to working with you and your team again in the future."
Ed Bennison (ACT Conferencing, UK)

"The translation was good. Kimwood will certainly consider using your services for any future translation needs."
Jim Hovey (Kimwood Corporation, USA)

"Thank you so much for the translation. Truly appreciated. I will contact you shortly in due course for further translation work."
Eroni Puamau (Rosie Holidays, Fiji)

"Thank you for your hard and very important work which you perform in the best possible way."
Michael Rogers (USA)

"Your translation of the brochure was a million times better than the translation we had before. I think you definitely found the right grip on marketing style and slogan use."
Samantha McGregor (USA)

"Thank you very much for your outstanding translation service. I am extremely pleased with the translation. I would recommend your service to anyone."
Michael Dench (USA)

"Thank you for your prompt, friendly and thorough services, I'll be sure to recommend you to others."
Sam Wilson (Australia)

"Why didn't I use your translation services before? I could have saved a lot of money!"
Cecilia Bennett (USA)

"Awesome! Thank you so much!"
Bruce Gnatowski (USA)

"I am very pleased with your work. Thank you very much."
Ronald H. Martin (USA)

"Thank you so much for your extremely swift and excellent translation of my speech, I am extremely grateful to you."
David Lewis (UK)

"The translation that you made is truly awesome and I am most happy that it was ready so quickly."
Theodore Gottlieb (UK)

"Many thanks again for your super fast, professional service, it is greatly appreciated."
Edward Bennison (ACT Conferencing, UK)

"This is the best possible translation!"
Daniel Healey (UK)

"Your translation must have been perfect, in fact, maybe a better translation than my original English version... Thank you so much for your help."
Joel Knott (Australia)

"You delivered the requested service [transcript] within the period you promised, I appreciate that. I will contact you whenever I need such a service."
Mahdi Al-Sanoussi (Jordan)

"I thank you again for the speed of your work, and for the courtesy you have displayed at all times."
Mark Porter (UK)

"Many thanks for your quick service!! Much appreciated."
Julian Gould-Williams (UK)

"Many thanks for your prompt and quality service. I look forward to working with you again!"
Christopher Essex (UK)

"Many thanks for a first class service and the translation - very interesting."
Michael Parris (USA)

"Thank you very much for the quick translation."
Eric Laing (Germany)

"Thank you very much for the great collaboration."
Agapi Manarioti (Cyprus)

"Thanks a lot. All seem to be ok. Good and professional work in terms of providing the translation in time. In regards to the quality of translation unfortunately I don't speak Russian to judge. I do believe though that you have done a very good job."
Stavros Angelides (Managing Director, SAE Business, Cyprus)

"Thank you very much. If I have further requirements for translation, be sure that I will contact you."
Gavin Jeffery

"Thanks a million for the translation. It's much appreciated."
Neil Foran

"Thank you very much for your help. I got the translation and it looks very good."
Dmitry Rabkin (USA)

"That's exactly what I wanted! Excellent job. Thank you! I'll be using your services again soon."
Leonardo Matias Cabrera (USA)

"Your service has been awesome. I'll be recommending you to my colleagues."
Sarah Moses

"Many thanks for the prompt and efficient service."
Maia Stone (UK)

"Thank you very much! You are doing a great job! Keep it up!"

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