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Confidentiality agreement and refund policy for Russian translation and transcription services

We understand the importance of confidentiality and are aware of the sensitive nature of many texts and audio or video files supplied to us for translation, editing, proofreading or transcription. All information and documents delivered to us by clients are kept strictly confidential and not disclosed to any third party. Besides, we make sure that all working papers (notes, drafts, etc.) are shredded before disposal.

Confidentiality Agreement

1. In this Agreement, the following words and phrases shall have the following meanings:

"Translation Services" means the translation or any other language related services that the Translator provides to the Client

"Translator" means AMlingua

"Client" means the person or company for whom the Translator has agreed to provide the Translation Services in accordance with this Agreement

2. The Translator acknowledges that all documentation made available or disclosed to it by the Client shall remain the exclusive property of the Client and recognises that such documentation is confidential and proprietary to the Client and shall be treated as such and shall not be disclosed to a third party, save as required by any applicable laws, without the prior written consent of the Client. The Translator undertakes to return all such documentation at the request of the Client and, in any event, upon conclusion of the Translator's need thereof.

3. The Translator undertakes to treat all information received from the Client, including the Client's contact details and the text(s) for translation or audio file(s) for transcritpion ("Information"), as confidential and further undertakes that such Information shall not be disclosed to a third party without the prior written consent of the Client. However, the Translator reserves the right to publish the name of the Client and/or the Clients company together with a small amount of information on the Translators website for promotional purposes, unless it has been specifically agreed with the Client not to do so.

4. The Translator undertakes to relinquish its rights in the Translation Services to the Client once all claims against the Client have been met.

We would be pleased to e-mail you a copy of the sample agreement in a Word file for you to tailor it to meet your requirements.

Refund Policy

AMlingua will make every reasonable effort to meet the needs and requirements of the client. In an improbable case of a justified customer complaint, AMlingua will fully refund the cost of your order. You can submit your claim within 30 days after the delivery of the translated documents. Claims submitted after this period will not be taken into consideration. is a worldwide leader in online payment services
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