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Free Question and Answer Service for Russian Language Learners

Do you have a question about the Russian language? Do you need help with translation of a short phrase from or into Russian? Our professional native speaking Russian translators will be happy to answer any question free of charge. All you need to do is to fill in the form below. The answer to your question will be posted on our website so that others can benefit from the information. When the answer is posted, you will get a notification by email. We try our best to answer all questions, but we cannot guarantee an answer to every question. All e-mail addresses are kept strictly confidential.

If you need a text translated from or into Russian, please contact us for a free quote.

Disclaimer: The answers are provided to satisfy your curiosity only. We cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of posted answers.

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Question 1

I would like the words "Love is selfless" translated into Russian.
James Cnossen

Answer by AMlingua liguists
The words "Love is selfless" can translated into Russian as "любовь самоотверженна".

Question 2

"Мало кто творит, большинство вытворяет".

Answer by AMlingua liguists
A verbatim translation of this phrase is "There are few people who create, most just fool around," and a more literary translation is "Few generate, most degenerate."

Question 3

I would like to translate the quote, "The same hammer that shatters the glass forges the steel."

Answer by AMlingua liguists
The equivalent of this saying in Russian is "Молот разбивает стекло, но закаляет сталь".

Question 4

I carry your heart with me (I carry it in my heart).
Autumn Woolworth

Answer by AMlingua liguists
This phrase from a poem by E. E. Cummings can be translated as "Я несу твое сердце (я несу твое сердце в своем)".

Question 5

I would like to get the most accurate translation of "we deserve to be moved by more than force alone" from English to Russian... and in the cyrillic alphabet, if possible.
Jason Pitcher

Answer by AMlingua liguists
This phrase can be translated as "Мы заслуживаем того, чтобы нами двигало не только насилие".

Question 6

I'll be glad if you will help me to write in Russian + translation 2 sentences by a video. As someone who learns Russian I cannot understand what they said during those seconds: [2:55-3:00], [3:14-3:17], [7:13-7:30]. Video URL:

Answer by AMlingua liguists

At [2:55-3:00] they say: "Чтобы надуть жилет, необходимо резко потянуть за колпачки баллончика с углекислотой".

At [3:14-3:17] they say: "Сигнальная лампочка включается автоматически в воде".

At [7:13-7:30] they say: "Наш самолет совершил посадку в аэропорту города Кишинева. Просим Вас не вставать со своих мест до полной остановки самолета. На этом наш рейс завешен. Надеемся видеть Вас пассажирами авиакомпании Тандем Аэро. Командир корабля и экипаж прощаются с Вами и желает Вам всего доброго. Благодарим Вас за внимание".

Free translation is provided for phrases and short sentences (up to 5 words) only. If you would like to have these sentences translated into English, pleaase contact us for a free no obligation quote.

Question 7

I need assistance with writing 2 sentences at [0:03-0:07] and [0:11-0:14] from the video at

Answer by AMlingua liguists

At [0:03-0:07] they say: "Я хотел бы в точности повторить наше первое романтическое путешествие".

At [0:11-0:14] they say: "А помнишь, как долго мы тогда добирались?"

Question 8

I need assistance with writing a few sentences from the videos at [0:02-0:13] and at [4:42-4:45].

Answer by AMlingua liguists

At [0:02-0:13] they say: "Дамы и господа! Напоминаем вам, что курение категорически запрещено на борту самолета. В целях безопасности полета все туалетные комнаты воздушного судна снабжены детекторами дыма".

At [4:42-4:45] they say: "Когда погаснет световое табло "Пристегнуть ремни", вы можете [inaudible] вещи".

Question 9

Hi, I have a question about singing in Boris Godunov by Mussorgski: the Jesuit Rangoni sings to Marina twice the word "pobliekli". Yevgenij Kibkalo (Ukrainian-Russian baritone) pronounces this word as "pablyokli" on my record, but Yevgenij Nikitin in a recent MET production sings "pablyekli", of course non-native baritones always use "e" instead of "yo". Which pronunciation is correct? Why do they differ between the two native Russian singers? Many thanks for your comments.

Answer by AMlingua liguists

According to Ozhegov's dictionary, both pobliekli ("поблекли") and pablyokli ("поблёкли") are correct. There are two ways of pronouncing the word, so both singers pronounce it correctly. Here is a link to the dictionary:

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